Electronics Asia Conference 2022

Electronics and semiconductors form the fundamental pillar of all technology developments and innovations that are changing the way we work, live, and play.

They are behind the devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that enabled employees and students to work from home and study via online classes, and still be connected- through communications technologies-to each and everyone around the world during the thick of the pandemic, when lockdowns and movement restrictions are the norm.

It is the same pandemic that accentuated the critical importance of the tiny "chip" devices, when they caused several industries, most especially automotive manufacturing, operational shutdowns and production delays because of the lack of supply of these semiconductor components.

Indeed, every technological marvel the world is enjoying right now will not be possible without the combined efforts of and continuous innovations being done by the semiconductor device makers, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, and the academe.

The inaugural Electronics Asia Conference (EAC) is organized by AspenCore and gets promotional support from official Media E Times Asia and EDN Asia. The 3-day AC will feature a virtual conference and exhibition, with a spotlight on the latest technology trends, innovations and developments, and strategies to help the electronics and semiconductor industry stakeholders navigate the challenges and take advantage of and build new opportunities in the current global manufacturing landscape.

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The conference sessions cover: